Optimize Your Care Process

Our mission is to create an exceptional care and service experience for our members. By leveraging new technologies and tools, Althalia’s multilingual, multinational medical team of healthcare professionals will be always at your side—at all times and everywhere.

Everything That You Need

Task Dependencies

You can view the dependencies of all tasks for your second opinion and treatment at all times.

Checklist of Major Tasks

You have a convenient checklist for your treatment process that allows you to follow your progress point-by-point, no matter how complex or how many participants are involved.

Activity Stream

Activity streams are unified, interactive update feeds from which all changes and new activities, exchanges, and modifications of data and planning can be monitored in real time.


Conversations are an easy way to initiate exchanges about the treatment process or a second opinion with the Althalia Manager or healthcare professionals. You can even upload documents or images to the conversation.


You may view all scheduled appointments, primary medical calls, and all other activities on a shared calendar with all staff.

Real-Time Communication and Video Chat

You may request a medical video conference with all primary stakeholders in your treatment or second opinion that will be recorded and stored in an extranet account.

Shared Documentation

Unlimited storage space is available to share all medical files and enrich records with all examinations and items produced during treatment and rehabilitation, all with the past and current versions of the uploaded documents.

Workflow Management

For each major interaction (e.g., second opinion, elective treatment organization), a work-flow is built that enables you to view all stages and tasks accomplished and planned for the future.